October 26, 2008

Drum Circle at Agile 2008 Tront

I performed a drum circle in world of Agile performed in Toronto of Canada in August, 2008's greatest conference, "Agile2008".
It is the part of a movie at that time.

The drum circle performed it from about 40 for around 50 minutes.

The first half was idle with rhythm in various ways and played a shaker pass in a sound-scape together in relaxation, the last in the latter half.

In fact, it is the first time that I led a full drum circle. (^^)

Musical instruments bring the small musical instrument with musical instruments from Japan.  Borrow a percussion set from Ken of facilitator of the drum circle. I packed a large-sized suitcase with independent Djembe, bongo, cowbell, egg shaker 20 like a balloon.
(It is the set of the percussion which Ken got with the prize of best facilitator of this year, besides.)

Without though it proved right in various ways, there are the relations of the expense, and it being borrowed whether it is not asked for a musical instrument for local drum circle facilitator.  I borrow the musical instrument of the music stage of Agile2008, and it is the feeling that added paying own expenses afterward.

A participant is rather less, but 20 are the end for the number of the musical instrument much partly because they say because it is the first day unless a rest person still comes.  I will be passable for a scale.

A foreigner wanted you to participate more.
A participant is around 17 people from 16 in all.
Generally Japanese are half.

was happy!

I hardly spoke the English.
As for the English that spoke, the words are not necessary for music; there be it. :-)

October 5, 2008

About a positive and anger.

Anger is important feelings to create the power of the action, but what is often connected with negative criticism and negation is difficult.

What do you do to convert anger into positive power?
The feelings come out by one's ideal and standard and a difference with the reality.
Most of my ground rules think that they occurred with anger in the name of feelings disgusted with.
I thought it to be normal for the different situation and insincerity I felt anger, and to change it.
The person having dependence is often criticized, but aggravation (a meaning expressing as a bad thing) did it for the person who has already had dependence and does not change.
The anger becomes the sign of the aggravation for the person and filters improvement where, and a break and dependence continue it.

The pattern such as the youth movie which I fight, and make friends is never born.

I have not read the example which was improved by having expressed it for the insincerity if bad likewise.

These two points are finished with inspection many times. (There does not need to be no want to do it more possibility in fact, but.)
Even if the anger can be suitable for a person, the change does not cause it.
Even if the person recognizes own dependence, the person cannot get rid of the dependence with that alone.  

Not the break characteristics of relations, the change is born only from the affinity of relations to come from trust.
Only because even a partner having value and a custom unlike no matter how one's standard respects it, the change is born.  

For the subordinate, I can convert it if I scold you out of anger, but cannot scold you to the person who is not so.
By the way, what do you do to convert it into positive power without running up stress to oneself?

September 17, 2008

An ice breaking

I participate in team Building study party.
This theme was ice braking.
I tried technique of various ice breaks.

The following memos.
-There is the case that you had better not say when you had better say that you have of an ice break.
-I can introduce smoothly a purpose of an ice break by I give a deep significance to a theme of the main subject, and connecting it.
-The self-ice break that ice breaks through by oneself is necessary.
-After all a thing with a sound is powerful.
-Relations with a group encounter.
-I can perform the ice break that there is discovery in it in itself.
-I let you be conscious of intention of consideration, and concentration changes.

September 15, 2008

Humor creates changes

A change is a necessary thing.
Though it is so, the change of the organization is delayed by a thing of the following, and disharmony continues.
Their custom.
That is not their normal; think.
Their common sense.
Their resistance without an incomprehensible meaning.
Their pride.
Their prejudice.
Their self-protection.
Their fear that was hidden.

I put a crack in such a manner to show at a glance seriously wonderfully and thought that it was a function of the humor that created harmony.

There is the art for a change.  

I think that it is art that it goes through psychological walls such as the prejudice, and create changes as if I was alright, and it is humor. 

I put a crack in such a manner to show at a glance seriously wonderfully and thought that it was a function of the humor that created harmony.

There is the art for a change.  

I think that it is art that it goes through psychological walls such as the prejudice, and create changes as if I was alright, and it is humor. 

September 8, 2008

XP Festival LT in japan

I uploaded a document of LT which I announced by XP Festival.
I led a drum circle in Agile2008 of Toronto in August, but, in fact, I submitted the plan of the workshop which raised facilitator of the development team, and it was rejected first.
I announced that I wanted to live on the workshop.

It is rhythm and the team which wanted to say in Agile2008

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SlideShare Link

Movie: ( NICONICO MOVIE account needed)
movie http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm4579398

August 31, 2008

Facilitation is transparent

As for Facilitation and the coaching, the existence of the person does not look good.
It is the existence that is not thanked for as much as I succeed.  NLP and the counseling are scolded, too.  It does not succeed in the excessive authority.  When an on-site authority incline is too strong, dependence becomes strong, and the change to the personal autonomy is late.

I think that I become one of the difficulty when I develop a case and the coaching that here does facilitate of a team for business.

There is even what is denied for doing it intentionally and the thing that I do not do intentionally.  
It seems that there is not a management capability.
It is the existence that is not accepted eternally.

On the contrary, a quarrel was in a state with new faces when I led the training at first. I let them cry in the interview many times.  I did not forgive it.  I did failure a lot while doing the pattern that authority did not go well most without knowing facilitation and the NLP.  However, the passion may have still come.  I am such an effect-like, and I let you beat it, and a few spear disappears now and thinks that I got possible to be seen transparently to some extent.

Through these ten years, I changed a company through construction of education system greatly.  I did this till I slept after returning to the house for several months of the internship from April in several a year year of the peak.  I led a workshop for managers on a holiday.  I employed all one's time.  Even if 2003 when I started from the core team which there is a WG system no from in the company has it, I think that load was high.

There is totally it like air without WG as the activity surely now that much though the resistance of the office was strong.  I am in a condition that employees are related by having been such scattered with a base somehow. 

August 12, 2008

Now let's start english blog

This is english version of essence blog.
(will time stamp is back date)

August 2, 2008

I go in Agile2008 conference.

The support of the company will be good in Agile2008 conference performed in mine, Toronto of Canada.

I will output it with input in various ways for one week from tomorrow!
It is introduced to InfoQ japan.

"Aim at the world, and it is common engineers"! An engineer Japanese in -Agile2008 lecture -


Is not heated whether can do it if do not try it; there is not it. :-)

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