August 31, 2008

Facilitation is transparent

As for Facilitation and the coaching, the existence of the person does not look good.
It is the existence that is not thanked for as much as I succeed.  NLP and the counseling are scolded, too.  It does not succeed in the excessive authority.  When an on-site authority incline is too strong, dependence becomes strong, and the change to the personal autonomy is late.

I think that I become one of the difficulty when I develop a case and the coaching that here does facilitate of a team for business.

There is even what is denied for doing it intentionally and the thing that I do not do intentionally.  
It seems that there is not a management capability.
It is the existence that is not accepted eternally.

On the contrary, a quarrel was in a state with new faces when I led the training at first. I let them cry in the interview many times.  I did not forgive it.  I did failure a lot while doing the pattern that authority did not go well most without knowing facilitation and the NLP.  However, the passion may have still come.  I am such an effect-like, and I let you beat it, and a few spear disappears now and thinks that I got possible to be seen transparently to some extent.

Through these ten years, I changed a company through construction of education system greatly.  I did this till I slept after returning to the house for several months of the internship from April in several a year year of the peak.  I led a workshop for managers on a holiday.  I employed all one's time.  Even if 2003 when I started from the core team which there is a WG system no from in the company has it, I think that load was high.

There is totally it like air without WG as the activity surely now that much though the resistance of the office was strong.  I am in a condition that employees are related by having been such scattered with a base somehow. 

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