October 5, 2008

About a positive and anger.

Anger is important feelings to create the power of the action, but what is often connected with negative criticism and negation is difficult.

What do you do to convert anger into positive power?
The feelings come out by one's ideal and standard and a difference with the reality.
Most of my ground rules think that they occurred with anger in the name of feelings disgusted with.
I thought it to be normal for the different situation and insincerity I felt anger, and to change it.
The person having dependence is often criticized, but aggravation (a meaning expressing as a bad thing) did it for the person who has already had dependence and does not change.
The anger becomes the sign of the aggravation for the person and filters improvement where, and a break and dependence continue it.

The pattern such as the youth movie which I fight, and make friends is never born.

I have not read the example which was improved by having expressed it for the insincerity if bad likewise.

These two points are finished with inspection many times. (There does not need to be no want to do it more possibility in fact, but.)
Even if the anger can be suitable for a person, the change does not cause it.
Even if the person recognizes own dependence, the person cannot get rid of the dependence with that alone.  

Not the break characteristics of relations, the change is born only from the affinity of relations to come from trust.
Only because even a partner having value and a custom unlike no matter how one's standard respects it, the change is born.  

For the subordinate, I can convert it if I scold you out of anger, but cannot scold you to the person who is not so.
By the way, what do you do to convert it into positive power without running up stress to oneself?

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stevemcgee99 said...

Anger is transformed by being 'assertive'.

Assertive vs. Aggressive:

Both are response to anger. The difference is aggression harms other people. It is how people try to solve their problem by controlling others.

Assertive is also to solve a problem, but means the person is not hurting or controlling others to get what they need. Assertive actions are like asking for what you need, or taking care of it yourself.

Assertive is very positive.